Bulk Analog Audio Snake Cable - 6-CHANNEL (6-Pair)

Analog Audio Snake cable is great for portable sound reinforcement applications, or control room layouts and interfacing between equipment racks, audio patchbays, mixers, and tape decks, or for interfacing between stage front and front of house for instruments, microphones and other live sound equipment. Bulk Analog Audio Snake cable comes in both Starquad and twisted pairs (under one jacket) configurations, in channel multiples from 2 to 58.

Some cables sold per foot may have minimum order length requirements!

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GEPCO 1000' 22G 6PR FLEX AUDIO SNK CABLE LE From HAVE Incorporated

Gepco GA61806GFC 22AWG 6 Pair Audio Snake Cable (Blue) - 1000ft
Part ID:  GEPGA61806GFC-10 00F

Lake AVB226ASC 6-Pair 22G Analog Audio Cable, Black - 500 FT
Part ID:  LAKAVB226ASCBK-0 500F
Price: $650.00 / 500F
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Lake AVB226ASC 6-Pair 22G Analog Audio Cable, Black - 1000 FT
Part ID:  LAKAVB226ASCBK-1 000F
Price: $1300.00 / 1000F
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Rapco/Horizon SN6-IJIS 6-Pair 24AWG Audio Snake Cable per Foot
Price: $1.18 / FEET