Audio Snake Cables - 8 Channel Analog Snakes

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Our professional Canare by HAVEPro branded 8-channel audio snake cables are the best in the business!

Dsub 25-Pin 8-Channel Audio Snakes

What sets HAVEPro's premium quality DB25 8-channel snakes apart from all the rest? Hand-assembly in our own Upstate NY guild shop, pride of workmanship, commitment to excellence, and years of experience!Perfect for Pro Tools users and for Digidesign’s I/O systems & consoles. Also great for Tascam and Fostex compatible DA-88 applications to meet all your I/O needs.

  • Professional quality Neutrik and Canare connectors
  • Professional heavy duty DB25 pin connectors for great contact and durability
  • Available in 6', 10', 15', 20', 25', 50', 75', and 100' lengths
  • Unbalanced DB25 to RCA or DB25 to 1/4” TS Mono Male also available in 6', 10', 15', 20', 25', and 50' lengths
  • Custom lengths are available to your specifications
  • 24AWG copper conductor - 8 twisted pair cable
  • The best quality cables: Canare MR202
  • All come with STANDARD screws. If METRIC screws are required, please use our custom cable order form
  • All Canare by HAVEPro DB25 Audio Snakes come with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee!
  • 8-Channel Analog Audio Snakes

    Handcrafted HAVEPro 8-channel analog audio snake cables compliment our line of DB25 snakes for Digidesign and other users. Available in standard lengths and made with premium Canare cable optimized for fixed studio applicationss. Our 8-Channel Audio Snakes are made with the best Canare and Neutrik connectors.

  • HAVEPro fixed configurations are made with Canare MR202AT series, 25AWG stranded copper conductors, 8 twisted pair cable. Pairs are individually shielded (100% foil) and jacketed.
  • No more jumbles of multitrack cables, and great for DB25 Snake extensions
  • Color coded for easy and fast identification and bundled under one jacket making leads easy to trace and easy to change
  • Great for Tascam and Fostex compatible DA-88 applications to meet all your I/O needs
  • Available in standard 6', 10', 15', 20', 25', 35’, & 50' lengths; balanced configurations also available in 75' and 100' lengths. Custom lengths available to your specifications!
  • All come with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Select 8-Channel Snake Configuration below: