Digital Audio Cables

AES-EBU 110-ohm Digital Audio
The AES/EBU or AES3 digital audio standard is made to match the standard maintained internationally under the name IEC 60958, and are Type I Balanced, with XLR connectors carrying three conductors over 110-ohm cabling in twisted pair, for professional installations. Our HAVEFlex AES-EBU cables are handcrafted with Canare DA206 110 ohm digital audio cable and Neutrik gold XLR connectors. Use these cables between your transport and D/A converter in AES/EBU standard systems, and for digital dubbing and digital audio workstations. These cables is also great in pairs for balanced analog audio for greater resistance against noise and for long runs.

SPDIF Digital Audio Cables (RCA)
SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format) is a digital audio format used for transporting stereo digital audio signals on PC Audio Cards, CD players, DVD Players, car audio systems, and other systems which transmit or receive stereo digital audio. We handcraft our HAVEFlex Precision 75-ohm SPDIF cables with Belden 1694A Brilliance digital coax cable because it's engineered for low signal loss over long distances, and its three layer shielding offers the best protection against EMI and RFI. And we use Canare RCA connectors for the best possible impedence match with 75-ohm coax cable.

TOSLINK Digital Audio (Optical)
You won't find a better Toslink cable than ours. You’ll love the difference quality makes in your system! Toslink cables are fiber optic cables that carry Digital audio data in the form of light pulses rather than using electricity. Light pulses eliminate distortions caused by capacitance, inductance and resistance of wire cables

MIDI Digital Audio Cables
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), was introduced to the technology industry in 1983. It is an industry-standard protocol that allows computers, electronic musical instruments, and other equipment to communicate, control, exchange system data, and synchronize with each other. MIDI does not send sound waves, like a tape recorder, to communicate, it uses digital data sent in the form of multiple "on" and "off" signals through a MIDI cable instead. We handcraft our HAVEFlex DELUXE Midi Cables with extremely flexible, low capacitance Canare D-403AT midi cable, and Neutrik DIN connectors.

HAVEFlex Audio Snake Cables

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