Canare 4K 4-Channel HD-SDI Video System - Multichannel DIN

Canare by HAVEPro's new 4K 4-Channel system helps fill the ever growing need for high-density 3G-SDI video transmission applications. The handy 4-channel 75-ohm cable assemblies in this system are made with Canare V4-2.5CHW 4-channel 22AWG HD-SDI video coax cable, Canare's new 4-channel 4K Male and Female circular DIN connectors, and Canare HD BNC connectors. The innovative new 4-channel DIN connectors are based on 1.0/2.3 DIN's.

A typical application example for this high-density HD-SDI system may start with 4K video output from an HD Camera, using our BNC to 4-channel DIN male connector assembly, running to the small footprint D-size 4-channel DIN panel mount connector located in a rack, or wall plate. From that feed through another 4-channel male DIN assembly can carry your signal within a control room, or truck, or fly pack, or any destination you require, breaking back out to HD BNC. The system is very customizable for both lengths, and configurations. Whether you need break out assemblies, or trunk assemblies, or any configuration required for your HD-SDI transport.