Component Video Cables (RGB) - Digital and Analog

Here we feature the best Digital and Analog Component Video assemblies available anywhere.

  • PROFlex HD SDI Component Video cables are made with your choice of SDI Mini Coax (Canare V-3CFB), SDI RG59 Coax (Canare V-4CFB), and SDI RG6 Coax (Canare V-5CFB)
  • PROFlex Analog Component Video cables are made with your choice of RG59 Coax (Canare V-3C), or Broadcast RG59 (Canare V-5C) cables.
  • Our PROFlex SDI Serial Digital cables come in 3, 4, and 5 channel configurations, and our Broadcast Analog cables are available in both 3 and 5 channel configurations.
  • All are available with BNC to BNC, RCA to RCA, and BNC to RCA cable end connector configurations.
  • All PROFlex component cables feature impedance matched 75-ohm Canare video connectors for the best signal quality possible.
  • PROFlex Component Video Cables perform well in all environments from studio and stage, to ENG truck, and even your home theater!

  • With HAVE's premier workmanship and Lifetime Guarantee it's no wonder our Component Video Cable products are the professionals' choice.

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