Composite Single Channel Video Cables - Digital and Analog

PROFlex™ Single Channel Composite Video Cables: handcrafted in our own Guild Cable Shop for over 20 years, with strict attention to detail and performance, and rigorously tested before we allow them out the door. PROFlex Cables are manufactured with the best component names you know like Canare, Belden, Gepco, and others, to offer you a huge variety of choices, from HD SDI applications to SD Standard Definition analog broadcast video applications:

  • PROFlex™ Serial Digital Coax single channel cables are handcrafted with Canare L-3CFB Mini coax, L-4CFB RG59 Coax, or L-5CFB RG6 Coax cable & Canare 75-ohm Connectors. And new for 2008 - HD SDI Single Channel Video cables, BNC to BNC, made with High Def Gepco VDM series cable!
  • PROFlex™ Precision Broadcast single channel video assemblies are handcrafted with Canare LV77S cable with matching impedance true 75-ohm Canare connectors.
  • PROFlex™ Standard Broadcast single channel video cables are handcrafted with Canare LV61S RG59 cable with matching impedance true 75-ohm Canare connectors. /li>
  • PROFlex™ Composite Video Cables perform well in all environments from studio and stage, to ENG truck, and even your home theater!

  • With HAVE's premier workmanship and Lifetime Guarantee it's no wonder our Composite Single Channel Video Cable products are the professionals' choice.

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