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Video Patch Cables - Micro Size, Mid-Size, and Standard Size Patch Plugs

We offer our own PROFlex™ Video Patch Cables. handcrafted in our Guild Cable Shop, and Canare Video Patch cables. All made with Canare LV-61S RG59 Video cable for ultra flexibility and performance quality. And we offer new AVP Micro Size Video patch cables, designed for use with AVP's new HD+ Series of Micro Video Patchbays for ultra high density video patching!

PROFlex™ Standard Patch, Midsize Patch, and Standard Patch to BNC cables are handcrafted with Canare 95% shielded Canare LV-61S RG59 75-ohm Coax Cable and Canare Mid-Size and Standard Size Patch connectors, and Canare BNC connectors.

PROFlex™ Video Patch Cables are available in all ten Canare LV-61S Colors! Great for color coding your patching racks.

AVP Microsize Patchcords are the perfect companion to AVP Micro HD Video Patchbays

With HAVE's premier workmanship and Lifetime Guarantee it's no wonder our Video Patch Cable products are the professionals' choice.

PROFlex Video Cables   Canare Video Cables   AVP Video Cables

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