Audio Connectors - EDAC/ELCO 20-Pin Multi Pin Connectors - Cable End

EDAC multi pin connectors are great as all-in-one alternatives to multiple ¼” or XLR terminations. Used in snakes or junction boxes, to provide simple and FAST connects and disconnects. One EDAC 120 pin can take the place of up to 40 XLR’s and only take up 2 ¾” of width space. Male and Female EDAC connectors use unisex pins (either crimp or solder). Alignment is ensured by keyways, and connectors lock down on each other with actuating screw and lock nut that protect both the connector and the contact pins. Hoods are also available for connecting to a cable end, providing excellent strain relief and protection from interference. (Panel mounting EDACS do not require hoods.)

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Edac E020PH Metal Hood for 20-Pin Edac Connector
Part ID:  E020PH
Price: $7.92 / EA

Edac E020PNF 20-Pin Receptacle with Lock Nut
Part ID:  E020PNF
Price: $3.30 / EA

Edac E020PSM 20-Pin Male Connector with Actuating Screwt
Part ID:  E020PSM
Price: $4.78 / EA