Fiber Optic Cables at HAVE, Inc.

Fiber Optic Cables - SMPTE HFO, Multi-Mode, Single-Mode

Optical fiber is ideal for long-distance communications thanks to lower attenuation compared to electrical cables. Additionally, per-channel light signals in fiber optics have been modulated as high as 111 gigabits/second (although 10 or 40 Gbit/s is typical in deployed systems). Each fiber can carry multiple channels at much higher data rates than electrical cables, making it a superior choice for networking connections. Fiber is also immune to electrical interference, free from cross-talk between signals in different cables, and environmental noise.

  • Hybrid Fiber Optic Assemblies - SMPTE Broadcast
  • OpticalCON DUO and QUAD Assemblies
  • Multimode Fiber Assemblies - Duplex and Simplex
  • Single Mode Fiber Assemblies - Duplex and Simplex
  • MTP Fiber Cables - Single Mode and Multimode, for high density patching
  • Fiber Cables ideal for use in datacom, telecom, measurement equipment, GBIC
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