DMX Lighting Cables, Equipment, and Accessories

Our own hand-assembled HAVEPro DMX Lighting cables, and great quality Horizon DMX Lighting Cables for economical applications!

We offer DMX512 standard 5-pin XLR configuration, plus 3-pin XLR wired for DMX, 5-pin to 3-pin XLR configuration wired for DMX standard.

Available in plenty of standard lengths to meet your needs, but if you need a custom length, just give us a call! 1-800-999-4283!

DMX Lighting DMX Lighting DMX Lighting DMX Lighting

DMX Lighting Cables

DMX 5-Pin XLR-XLR   (includes 5-pin to 3-pin wired configurations) DMX 3-Pin XLR-XLR   (includes 3-pin to 5-pin wired configurations) DMX Lighting Accessories/Adapters   (includes DMX terminators)