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Founded in 1862 as the Greenlee brothers’ barrel-making machines (later woodworking tools), Greenlee is now one of the most respected and trusted sources for professional grade tools for installing wire and cable. Its brand names include Paladin Tools, DataShark, and PowerPlay, with a product line that includes a variety of cutters, strippers, punchdown tools, crimpers, multi-tools, testers, kits, and other communications-related hand tools.

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PALADIN STRIPPER RG58 RG59 RG62 From HAVE Incorporated

Greenlee 1240 Coax Cable Stripper RG58, RG59, RG62
Part ID:  PAL1240
Price: $121.29 / EA
PALADIN STRIPPER FOR 1855A,1694A,1505A From HAVE Incorporated

Greenlee Stripper For 1855A 1694A 1505A
Part ID:  PAL1247
Price: $103.83 / EA
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PALADIN STRIPPER RG58,59,62 BEL1505A From HAVE Incorporated

Greenlee 1248 Coax Cable Stripper for RG58, 59, 62
Part ID:  PAL1248
Price: $103.83 / EA
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Greenlee Crimp Tool Frame
Part ID:  PAL1302
Price: $51.91 / EA
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Greenlee 1389 Universal HDTV Crimp Tool and Die
Part ID:  PAL1389
Price: $75.38 / EA

Greenlee 1670 EDAC / ELCO Crimp Tool
Part ID:  PAL1670
Price: $170.60 / EA