About HAVE, Inc. and our Logo

HAVE, Inc. 40th Anniversary

Celebrating our 45th Year! Since 1977 doing business by the "Golden Rule"

HAVE, Inc. has come a long way since humble basement beginnings 40 years ago, that much is certain. For some perspective, 1977 was the year that SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) formed its first Study Group on High Definition Television. One year earlier, Dr. Stockham of Soundstream made the first 16-bit digital recording in the U.S at the Santa Fe Opera. But while times and technology surely have changed a lot over these 40 years, HAVE is still young-at-heart and going strong thanks to you, our loyal long-time customers. So, thank you, and here's to another 40 years!


Nancy Gordon, President

Introduction - President's Message

It all began in 1977. I was a documentary filmmaker who had run out of grant money. To support my film "habit", I formed HAVE, Inc. and started selling recycled, evaluated 3/4" videocassettes out of the basement of our country home. It gave me great satisfaction to offer to other producers like me a real cost saving, quality product that I used myself, and to do environmental good. (Still does and we still do.)

At that time I also wrote our ABC's, which laid down the principles on which our business was built - the only way I could be in business. Though HAVE has grown over the many years we've been in business, our ABC's remain as our guide and ethic.

Most meaningful to me have been the wonderful people who have been HAVE, and YOU, our Clients and Vendors, who, by your positive response, affirm who we are and what we do. We look to the future always, with great excitement and anticipation of the many more opportunities and creative interactions that lie ahead.

To our long-time Clients, thank you for your loyalty and support; to you who are now choosing your business partners, we hope you like what you see here and that you choose us. We'll do everything we can to make you delighted with your decision.

Nancy Gordon;
President, HAVE Inc.

HAVE, Inc. Professional A/V Products

HAVE, Inc. is a long standing, full service, socially and environmentally conscious, Audio & Video product and multimedia services provider, that has been, “Since 1977, doing business by the “Golden Rule” here in beautiful upstate New York’s Hudson River Valley.

HAVE, Inc. Professional Products Sales

HAVE Pro Products manufactures professional quality Audio, Video, and Data Cable assemblies, and distributes AV Equipment from leading brands, for the Broadcast, Sound Reinforcement, Corporate, Government, and Audiophile Consumer markets. HAVE introduced the industry’s first FLAT 8-Channel Audio Snake cable, FLEXYGY 8! And we distribute the most demanded branded cable and connector products and supplies, from Canare, Neutrik, Belden, Lake, Gepco, Switchcraft, Flexygy, and many more. To learn more about HAVE Professional Products, email pro_sales@haveinc.com, or shop online here in our updated online store at store.haveinc.com

HAVE, Inc. is located in the real world at 309 Power Avenue, in the picturesque city of Hudson, NY, just a short drive from anywhere in the entire Hudson River Valley. Walk-in hours for customer sales & service, or product pickup, are 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Or visit HAVE anytime online at www.haveinc.com, or call 1-888-999-HAVE (4283).

Elephants & Our Logo

Elephants with raised trunks are universal symbols of good luck. I've been collecting them since I was a child. When I started HAVE, I chose the elephant as our logo, hoping its good luck would touch not only our company, but everyone who did business with us as well.

Now African elephants may face extinction. Poachers, after their ivory, are wiping them out cruelly and ruthlessly at an incredible rate. Concerned people all over the world are working to save these magnificent, intelligent animals. In many countries, including ours, laws have been drafted to restrict the importation of all ivory. People are asked not to sell it or buy it, as it's impossible to know what is "old" ivory and what is "new."

My dream is that the measures necessary to help the elephant will succeed before the only elephants left will be those in the zoo, and in our logo. We actively support these efforts to protect elephants, and hope you will, too.

- Nancy Gordon
President, HAVE Inc.