Audio Interconnect Cables

Unbalanced Audio Interconnect Cables are great for transporting audio signals between professional equipment with unbalanced RCA, and TS (mono) input/output, like recording equipment, some pro mixers, amplifiers, effects pedals, and of course guitars, basses, keyboards and other instruments. As well as outboard signal processing gear!

Our professional HAVEFlex brand interconnect/instrument unbalanced cables are made with your choice of flexible Canare L4E6S Star Quad, Canare L2T2S 2-conductor, and Canare GS-6 Coaxial Music Cable. And our FLEXYGY brand professional interconnects are made with FLEXYGY 2T2, 2-conductor Ultra-Flexible cable. Both HAVEFlex and FLEXYGY interconnects are handcrafted with Canare & Neutrik connectors. And both lines come with our Lifetime Guarantee!

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