Audio Cable Assemblies at HAVE, Inc.

We feature the best analog and digital audio cable assemblies available anywhere. The menu choices below will take you to speaker cables, audio interconnects, audio patch cables, microphone and line level balanced audio cables, instrument cables, and both analog and digital audio snake cable assemblies. Just to name a few! You will also find a large selection of both length and colors for many audio assembly types. If the cable assembly you are looking for is used in audio distribution or transport, we have it. If you don't see it here, give us a call. Odds are we have it or we can fabricate it in just a day or two, here in our own guild cable shop.

Analog Audio Cable Assemblies

Microphone/Line Cables   XLR to XLR/TRS/Mini TRS/RCA/TS/
  Mini TS, and TRS to TRS in both
  quad and 2 conductor configurations
Interconnect Cables   RCA to RCA, RCA to TS, TS to TS,
  TS to TS right angle in coaxial,
  2 conductor and quad configurations
Guitar/Keyboard/Instrument Cables   TS to TS, TS to TS right angle in
  your choice of coaxial, 2 conductor
  and quad
Audio Patch & Insert Cables   Bantam and 1/4in Patch, TRS to 2 x TS,
  TRS to 2 x XLR, XLR to 2 x TS
Speaker Cables   Banana, Pin, Spade, Speakon 1/4in
  in both standard and bi-wire
Y Cables   XLR to 2 x XLR, RCA to 2 x RCA
Audio Multichannel Snake Cables   DB25 to DB25/RCA/TRS/TS/XLR
  TRS to TRS, TS to TS, TS to RCA,
  TT to TT, RCA to RCA
Home Theater Assemblies   All audio and video, analog and
  digital cables for Home Theater

Digital Audio Cable Assemblies

AES/EBU 110-ohm Digital Audio Cables   AES/EBU 110-ohm Digital Audio Cables
  with XLR connectors
  Type I Balanced Digital Audio
SPDIF (RCA to RCA) Coaxial Digital Audio Cables   SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect
  Format) with RCA connectors
TOSLINK DIGITAL OPTICAL Cables   Fiber Optic cables that carry Digital audio
  data in the form of light pulses. Digital
  Optical Audio Cables.
MIDI Cables   MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital
  Interface) MIDI is an industry-standard
  protocol for Digital Data transfer
  between electronic instruments and
  other digital equipment
Digital Audio Snake Cables   4 & 8 channel Digital Audio Snakes