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Bulk & Cut Audio/Video/Data Cable at HAVE, Inc.

You’ve come to the exciting heart of the matter, bulk cable! Most of what we do in the industry revolves around this most basic yet technical element in the all-important task of getting a signal pristinely from one place to another. Connectors are shiny and nice for juggling, but don’t amount to much without great cable to partner with. And since you know we build GREAT cable assemblies, you can bet we only carry GREAT cable! (and LOTS of it)

HAVE offers the finest brands of bulk audio and video cables in the industry. Presented here is an overview of a few of the manufacturers whose products we offer. Select any of the headings below to go directly to that manufacturer's section of our online store. A manufacturer not listed here does not mean we don't carry it, or can’t get it for you. If you need something not listed here, you can request information with our handy quote form or give us a call! Take a look at our line card. Our Custom Cable Shop is also here to serve you!

Flexygy Cable

We're pleased to offer our exclusive new Flexygy lineup of innovative, competitively priced cable products. First up was Super Flexygy X2T2 Microphone Cable: 2 Conductor, standard diameter, but far from standard performance! Handling noise? Hardly... Flexygy's exceptional high-density TC spiral shield and 41 strand copper conductors take care of noise and make this cable totally flexible! And ooh la la, that sultry nightshade jacket looks perfectly elegant yet unobtrusive on any stage, plus it's Lead and Cadmium free!

New! Innovative! October 2004 - HAVE, Inc. unveils a real audio snake cable design breakthrough with its groundbreaking new Flexygy FL8 FLAT 8-pair snake cable. Flexygy FL8’s flat topography is a real standout. The ONLY flat audio snake in the industry, and can run under carpets, doors and fixtures, and is resistant to movement, unlike regular round snake cable. Its robust matte jacket is also totally lead and cadmium free, meeting California’s Prop 65 and European standards for RoHS compliance, making this cable a more environmentally responsible product. That’s very important to us. An added feature of its flat design is that the cable takes up less space on portable reels, as well as less space in studio wire-ways and trenches. And it’s super easy to strip.

Bulk Flexygy Cable


Belden Wire and Cable

HAVE proudly offers Beldens full line of products. Belden is the recognized leader in the industry for breadth and depth of audio, video, and data cable choices. We offer Beldens most popular audio and video cables at industry competitive prices in our store and in our catalog, but remember that any Belden cable you may need, we can get for you!

Bulk Belden Cable


Canare Bulk Cable

We’ve been selling Canare’s wonderful cable products since 1984, and are their longest, largest full line stocking distributor in the USA. Canare manufactures flexible analog and digital audio cables for a wide range of applications, and many in 10 colors. Canare Video cables come in both Single and Multichannel configurations for both analog and serial digital applications, all manufactured to exacting tolerances and specifications.

Bulk Canare Cable


Gepco Cable

Gepco International is a leading manufacturer of professional audio and video cable products for the Broadcast and Pro Audio & Video Industries. We offer the full Gepco line, including their new X-band series, which includes single, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen pair versions of analog audio cables featuring no-compromise designs for the ultimate in sonic purity and noise rejection. We've also recently added Gepco's new Heavy Duty CAT 5E Cable, check it out in our store!

Bulk Gepco Cable


Mogami Cable

Renowned throughout the recording industry, Mogami Cable offers a broad range of choice for both audio and video applications. Microphone Cable, Multipair Snakes, Console Cable, Guitar Cable, Speaker Cable, Digital Interface Cables, Video & Coaxial Cable, and Ultraflexible Miniature Cables are all available. Cable by Mogami, customer service by HAVE!

Bulk Mogami Cable


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