MultiPurpose Hybrid ENG/EFP/OB Combo Cable - Bulk

Bulk Multi-Purpose Hybrid ENG/EFP/OB Combo Cable at HAVE, Inc.

ENG (Electronic News Gathering), EFP (Electronic Field Production, OB (Outside Broadcasting) Bulk A/V Combo Cables from Belden, Canare, and Sommer Cable. These multi-channel, multi"format" hybrid combination cables have applications for combinations of LAN data, lighting control, audio, video, control systems. BUS control, AMX, or for connecting low-voltage / intelligent DC products.

Great for HDTV, DBS, CATV, CCTV, Multimedia, Voice, Video, Data, IP , Networked Computing, Distributed Video, Distributed Audio, Distributed Data, Camera Control. Security Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and of course ENG/EFP,OB applications.

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