CATV & Headend Products

You'll find a great selection of professional Headend Electronics Products, Distribution Products, and Connectivity Products, here at HAVE, from the brands you know and trust, like Pico Macom for example. We feature Headend Electronics like Headend Amplifiers, Modulators, Signal Processors, Combiners, and Headend Receivers. Plus you'll find a big variety of both Active and Passive Distribution products, including Distribution Amplifiers, Multiswitches and Equalizers, and lots of choices for splitters, taps, attenuators, band separators, filters, grounding blocks, and MORE! In addition, we carry lots of CATV/DBS Bulk Cable choices, including Mini RG59 sold in packs (under one jacket), as well as lots of CATV connectors and installation tools. If you don't see the CATV/Headend product you need here, WE CAN GET IT FOR YOU!!

PicoMacom Receiver PicoMacom Headend Amplifier HD BNC TruSpec Splitter

Headend Electronics

Receivers   Commercial Satellite Receivers Modulators & Demodulators   AV, FM, Saw Filtered, Sub Band
  Extended and more. Signal Processors Combiners   Active and Passive Headend Combiners Headend Amplifiers   Push-pull Headend, and Single
  Channel Strip Amplifiers Override Systems   Emergency Alert System

Installation Accessories

CATV/DBS Bulk Cable CATV Connectors   Compression, Crimp, RG11, RG6,
  RG59, Mini RG59 CATV/Headend Tools   Strippers, Crimp, Compression, &
  Extraction tools

Distribution - Active Components

Distribution Amplifiers   A broad selection of distribution amplifiers Multi-Switches Equilizers   Satellite Slope Equalizer

Distribution - Passive Components

Splitters   A broad selection of splitters Taps   A broad selection of taps. Attenuators   DC passing & blocking Pad Attenuators. Band Separators   Band Combiners & Separators Filters Grounding Blocks