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Cable End & Chassis Connectors at HAVE, Inc.

If Bulk Cable is the heart, then Connectors are the front men/front women in the industry. Like Bowie, Robert Plant, or Janis Joplin, connectors are shiny and up front in their appearance AND performance. We like to think however that connectors are rather more humble than that, and play very nicely with their friends, bulk cable. Connectors are the beautifully crafted, elegant partners to cable that finish ANY equipment connection wonderfully.

We carry a virtual PLETHORA of noble high performance connectors. The selection here comprises the most popular series from our featured manufacturers, but please contact our sales department for ANY connector needs!

We carry full lines of audio and video connectors and adapters from all the leading industry brands including:

Neutrik Connector

HAVE has been a full-line distributor of Neutrik Connectors for over 20 years. Ease of assembly, sophisticated finishes, RF protection by coaxial ground techniques, and mechanical noise reduction are some of the reasons why Neutrik is recognized world-wide as the premium quality line in audio interconnect components. Many Neutrik connectors are rated at 10,000 insertions minimum! Neutrik connectors will give you outstanding performance long after you've replaced the imitations.

We carry the full Neutrik line, so besides world-class audio connectors, you’ll find in our online store:

  • Neutrik Audio Connectors & Adapters
  • Neutrik Patchbays & Jacks
  • Neutrik Video Connectors
  • Neutrik Patchcords
  • Neutrik Data Connectors
  • Neutrik Loaded Wallplates
Neutrik Connectors


HAVE is the largest long-standing Canare distributor in the USA. We offer Canare’s full line of both audio and video connectors in our store, at very competitive prices.

  • Canare’s in-line cable mount audio connectors are a marvel of quality design and substance, and are designed for the discriminating professional. All Canare audio connectors accommodate small to large O.D. cables, and offer generous soldering areas for easy wiring assembly, with super performance and long life durability.
  • Canare’s crimp video connectors are simply among the best in the industry, and all feature gold plated contact pins, superior cable pull strength, precision machined bodies, and extremely tight tolerances.
  • We also offer the entire line-up of Canare Hybrid Fiber Optic connectors and receptacles, coax video receptacles, Canare Triax Connectors, and Multichannel video connectors.
Canare Connectors

Edac Elco Connector

We carry a large assortment of EDAC/ELCO connectors. For many years, EDAC/ELCO audio connectors have been used for a wide variety of recording and pro audio applications. Their Gold plated contact points are rated at 5 amps and are very reliable, making a very solid connection.

  • EDAC multipin connectors are great as all-in-one alternatives to multiple 1/4" or XLR terminations. Used in snakes or junction boxes, to provide simple and FAST connects and disconnects. One EDAC 120 pin can take the place of up to 40 XLR’s and only take up 2 3/4" of width space.
  • Male and Female EDAC connectors use unisex pins (either crimp or solder) that mate when rotated 90 degrees from each other. Alignment is ensured by keyways, and connectors lock down on each other with actuating screw and lock nut that protect both the connector and the contact pins.
  • Hoods are also available for connecting to a cable end, providing excellent strain relief and protection from interference. The hood can be entered from either the top or sides. (Panel mounting EDACS do not require hoods)
EDAC/ELCO Connectors

Other Popular Connector Types We Offer:

We feature lots of other connector types as well.

  • Cannon round multipin connectors for 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 channel balanced or unbalance audio
  • D-Sub connectors in a variety of sizes and configurations. Including 9, 15, 25, and 37 pin styles. As chassis connectors, or with hoods for cable end applications.
  • HAVE offers a wide range of audio and video connectors and adapters as well, for the budget minded shopper.
HAVE Connectors

And don't forget:

Amphenol Connectors • Switchcraft • AMP • Kings

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