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Video Cable Assemblies

The very best professional video cable assemblies can be found right here at HAVE, Inc.! The menu choices below will take you to HD/SDI video cables, HDTV video cables, analog video cables, component video cables, vga video cables, composite video cables, video patch cables, DVI cables, HDMI cables and Fiber Optic / Hybrid Fiber Optic SMPTE camera cable assemblies, just to name a few! For many of our video cable series you'll find plenty of choice of both length and color. If the video cable assembly you are looking for is used in broadcast, production, studio or home theater applications we have it. If you don't see it here, give us a call. Odds are we have it or we can fabricate it in just a day or two, here in our own guild cable shop.

If there is a video cable that you need and you don't see here in our store, just send us an e-mail or call us at (888) 999-4283!

12G-SDI 4K Video Cables

12G-SDI 4K BNC to BNC Cables

4K 4-Channel HD-SDI System

HD-SDI 4K Multichannel DIN / BNC   4-Channel 4K DIN System
  includes DIN to BNC.

Video Cable Assemblies

Composite Cable Assemblies   BNC to BNC/RCA, RCA to RCA, F to F
  RG59 single & double shield,
  Mini Coax, RG6 Component Video Cables (RGB, Y, R-Y, B-Y)   BNC to BNC/RCA, RCA to RCA, RG59,
  Broadcast RG59, Serial Digital Mini Coax,
  Serial Digital RG59, Serial Digital RG6 Video Patch Cables   Standard to Standard, Standard to BNC,
  Midsize to Midsize, Microsize to Microsize Triaxial Camera Cables   Handcrafted PROFlex with 3 different
  types of Belden Triax cable and
  Canare Triax connectors Home Theater Products   All audio and video, analog and digital
  cables for Home Theater

VGA & VGA Breakout Cables

HD15 Male to HD15 Male HD15 Male to BNC Male

Multichannel Video Cables

Multichannel Component Video Cables   BNC to BNC/RCA, RCA to RCA, RG59,
  Broadcast RG59, Serial Digital
  Mini Coax, Serial Digital RG59,
  Serial Digital RG6.

Looking for a specific brand of Video Cables or Cable Assembly?

Canare Cables PROFlex Video Assembly Products